It’s this time of year already and we are happy to invite you to check out our long-standing partner NEMO’s annual conference. Each of NEMO’s conference is the occasion to catalyse great discussions on very topical issues for European professionals and this year we go back at the very (beating) heart of the museums with Collections. As debates are starting to rage on how collections should be conceptualized, presented and shared, this hits close to home for us as we monitor museums against new social narratives. To see collections and objects with a greater and more encompassing purpose is something we have been advocating and to have a full event dedicated to this line of thinking is essential.

Speakers will go well beyond museums, or rather will evoke the new dimensions of museums as social actors and peace builders with Mark O’Neill (UK), Director of Policy, Research and Development at Glasgow Life, Diana Walters (UK), International Heritage Consultant, and Joachim Baur (Germany), Die Exponauten. Ausstellungen et cetera. The European dimension will be at the center of discussion of course with discussion on collecting, exhibiting and sharing at the European level, featuring Taja Vovk van Gaal (Belgium), Creative Director, House of European History and Paul Dujardin CEO of Bozar (Belgium). Attendees will also have a wealth of choices with several workshops on the enhancement and management of their collections. If you work in a museum, something tells us you will want to be in Brussels next month!

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See you in Ghent!



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