Our first publication is out and it opens the path for more in 2017! As a greeting for the New Year, we decided to look on the year past and select some especially marking moment for museums as we recorded them on our strategic monitoring blog Museum Trends.

For readers of Museum Trends, this shall not be a novelty, rather a newfound perspective beyond our yearly news coverage. We chose to highlight People to voice their own vision of the museum through their project and gathered our most read and marking interviews.

In the Museum trends Booklet, you will find all in one:

  • Jonas Heide Smith, Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK), Denmark, on conducting social media day-today
  • Maité Labat, Palace of Versailles, France, on renewing the perspective on history with social media
  • Maren Siebert, Foam Museum, Netherlands, on curating your institutions with a plurality of voices
  • Laure Pressac, Centre des Monuments Nationaux, France, on how to create a website for multiple venues in 2016
  • Axel Rüger, Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands, on how to repurpose a major museum
  • Tui Te Hau, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, on investing in startups
  • Tony Guillan, Tate, Great Britain, on how to use artificial intelligence to connect collection
  • Ylva Hillström, Moderna Museet, Sweden, on how to engage the museum in the climate change discussion
  • Katrina Sedgwick, ACMI, Australia on opening working spaces to creatives
  • John Stack and dave Patten, the Science Museum Group, UK, on powering a science digital Lab with Samsung

These talks shape re-shape the identity of a museum and what it is going to be in the years to come.

We hope to hear YOUR voice throughout 2017, in our Riga and Paris editions.

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