What will be the future of professional conferences like is one of these million dollar questions. No one can pretend they know the answer but what’s for sure is that holding a yearly event is a template that can’t live up to rising expectations and practices. We are at a time when ‘delegates’ are becoming community members and have to become increasingly collaborative and humble with who can inspire them, is our belief.


This last November, We Are Museums was in Riga for its first training series, entitled ‘Creating a Digital Strategy’. As Drake would have it, one has to start from the bottom, or, more accurately, with the fundamentals. Along with Tijana Tasich, a former Digital Lead at Tate currently advising Southbank Center in London, we devised a format to be content-packed and a confidence boost for young professionals who need to gather critical knowledge and some digital leadership attitude. This format went on to be part of NEMO (Network of European Museum Organisations) member training scheme.

We partnered with the Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMM), one of Latvia’s leading institutions with many projects under their belt, the Latvian Association of Museums (Latvijas Muzeju biedrības) as well as with museum think tank Creative Museum led by Ineta Zelča Sīmansone.


While discovering Riga -post to come soon on that- we spent two days at LNMM with 32 participants from 9 different countries over 2 working days. Participants worked on 4 main avenues of thought: strategy and leadership, audience research, content and engagement for a whole day each. This was an ambitious and possibly a little exhausting programme, but our audience came from it no less motivated with many valuable tips. They came from diverse backgrounds in terms of location, institution shape and size, with the same need of raising awareness on being digital-inclusive for future years.

While our expert Tijana did most of the work and managed to keep her voice, we were able to get in touch with many amazing professionals and start to design the next stage of development for We Are Museums Learning branch, as it became clear we have to travel and build a whole programme rather than just doing a one-off session.

So why come to us for something else than the yearly event some of you already know? Well, for starters, food is good and we are nice enough. But mostly, we work with top experts while at the same time keeping access fee democratic through our partners’ network.  And we tailor, because we feel like we simply have to, in this new world. So reach out, as a partner, an entity or an individual and stay tuned because we have more coming soon!


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