Dr. Mirjam Wenzel

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Director of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt (DE)

Dr. Mirjam Wenzel is director of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt – a communal museum dedicated to 800 years of Jewish history and culture in the city of Frankfurt.  Being the first Jewish Museum that was established in the Federal Republic of Germany after the Holocaust, the Jewish Museum Frankfurt currently is undergoing a process of a profound renewal. One of its two sites, Museum Judengasse (http://www.museumjudengasse.de/en/home/) re-opened in March 2016 with a new core exhibition whereas the other site is being renovated and extended by an additional building, at the moment. The new museum complex will open in 2019.

Mirjam Wenzel started leading the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt in January 2016. Beforehand she was Head of Digital an Publishing at the Jewish Museum Berlin and responsible for conveying German-Jewish history in print and online publications, digital media applications and installations.

Mirjam studied comparative literature, theatre and political science in Berlin, Tel Aviv and Munich. She worked as a research assistant at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and as a freelance curator for contemporary art. She has published widely on Holocaust representation, critical theory and German-Jewish cultural history as well as on digital transformation in museums. She is the author of the book “Gericht und Gedächtnis: Der deutschsprachige Holocaust-Diskurs der sechziger Jahre” (Göttingen 2009) and co-curated several exhibitions among them “How German is it? 30 Artists’ Notion of Home” (2011), “Wonderyears: New Reflections on the Shoah and Nazism in Israel” (2003) and “Novalog: New Media Experiences” (2001).


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