Don Undeen

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Founder and former Senior Manager of the MediaLab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (US)
Now Founder of BoomHiFive, Manager of the new Maker Hub at Georgetown University and he is also the chair of the Vatican Art & Technology Council’s “Creative Lab” Committee

Don is currently the Manager of the new Maker Hub at Georgetown University in Washington DC, and involved in a range of initiatives that connect the vision of the arts to the practical needs of business and social entrepreneurship. A background in hard computer science combined with an enthusiasm for communication and creativity make Don a unique asset to culture/tech organizations. He serves on the board of advisors for New Media consultancy Hyphen Hub, which connects new media artists to the technology industry. He is the chair of the Vatican Art & Technology Council’s “Creative Lab” Committee, which is helping the Vatican leverage 21st century innovation practices to advance the message of Pope Francis. He also serves as an expert advisor to the European Erasmus+ funded “Creative Museum” project, which connects museums with maker communities throughout Europe. Through frequent international travel, speaking engagements, and workshops, Don continues to bring together cultural experts, makers and technologists to explore new connections between collections and electrons.


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