Sharpen your hashtags and bring up your Twitter A-game, the second edition of #MuseumWeek is here!

Even if you try really hard, the event is hard to miss! Visitors and institutions from all over the world will trend the #MuseumWeek hashtag this week. With over 2000 museums registered worlwide and more than 27.000 tweets for the past edition, the MuseumWeek is taking Twitter by storm.

Everyday, a new topic with a specific hashtag will be highlighted,  starting with #secretsMW, followed by #souvenirsMW and so on and so forth until the much awaited #poseMW on Sunday! The choice of subjects is quite broad and shows a real ambition to open up museums to new audiences. They allow cultural institutions to share information and insiders tips and to encourage visitors to engage with both museum staff and artworks.

#MuseumWeek themes

Most of the museums involved have really been playing along and have enhanced their Twitter presence. Institutions have produced dedicated content delving into their archives, creating special Q&A sessions, and basically setting up a free, worlwide, week-long museum tour.

Why so much enthusiasm? For small cultural institutions, #MuseumWeek is a chance to make their voices heard and gain new audiences. For bigger museums with a larger audience, it’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with their visitors in a fresh way.


Make the most out of this week with our recommendations below for top Twitter accounts to follow. However, exploring all over the place is our best possible recommendation!
@MarDixon – Mar is not a museum (yet), but as one of the organizers of the #MuseumWeek and a crazy active culture-vulture, you can expect tons from her Twitter account
@metmuseum and @Sree of course


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