After interviews with some of our WAM16 speakers, let us introduce you to one of our local partners, Bucharest Gentleman. Bucharest Gentleman is much more than a city guide, it’s a lifestyle magazine for smart men who want to discover Bucharest, but also happen to travel and still want to explore the world with elegance.
Thanks to the articles you will read on their website, Bucharest Gentleman lets you cultivate a exquisite style the way the smart men do, with concerts, exhibitions, well-tailored clothing, beautiful jewellery and sophisticated tech. And if you want to get first-hand advice from Romania finest men, like musicians, art consultants, business professionals or businessmen, you will find their interviews on the website.
We have more in common with Bucharest Gentleman that you would think at first glance. The website puts a spotlight on local talents and it cultivates a smart balance between deep local anchorage and openness to the whole world, which will allow you to discover Bucharest and its most original spots during WAM16.
We interviewed Iulia Stancu, editor-in-chief of Bucharest Gentleman, who told us about her magazine and about what real Bucharestians do, even just for a day when they roll out of bed.
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What makes Bucharest special compared to other cities?
Being at the crossroads between East and West, Bucharest has numerous influences and this is equally true and visible with architecture, culture and people themselves. That is why you may have various and even opposite (not always pleasant) experiences within a very small area: eat in a modern restaurant, then see a play at a theatre-caffe and buy books in a former bank turned into a spectacular bookshop /bistro. It is also true that you must know this kind of oasis, as they are less promoted and often hidden. Tourists and locals should enjoy this city more, as its name has been suggesting for hundreds of years (Bucharest comes from the word Bucurie, that means Joy).

How do Romanian traditions and craft industry still influence the smart men’s way of life? How do they blend with foreign influences?
I’m afraid traditions and craft industry don’t influence men anymore, as local artisans creating hats or leather goods, for example, no longer exist unfortunately. However a few smart men (in both senses) know what a difference a true artisan can make and appreciate when they happen to discover their work. There are however a few artists that took old techniques and apply them in creating modern extraordinary pieces: shoes or jewelry, for example (for men and women). Artists like Dan Coma and David Sandu should have more apprentices and begin influencing men on a larger scale.

What are 24 hours spent in Bucharest if we follow your style?
If all my favourite things in Bucharest could happen in 24 hours, they would have to be in this order: a picnic on the grass in Herăstrău Park at noon, followed by the visit of a unique turn-of-the-century artists house the Casa Storck, the elegant Garden Party at Elisabeta Palace in the afternoon (in May every year). Then a consistent dinner in the Old Town, watching street theatre performances at Bucharest Feast (in September every year), followed by an outdoor rock concert or a classical concert in front of the Atheneum. Otherwise one can always have a walk in the tiniest park in town (Ioanid Park) surrounded by splendid villas, then visit the most beautiful house in town – the small Cantacuzino Palace – and have drinks in a stylish quiet bar behind Atheneum.


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