How to promote an exhibition, bring a piece of it to people who cannot make it to the museum and create an experience for on-site visitors at the same time? For the Dali museum in Florida, virtual reality is the answer with Dreams of Dali.

Disney and Dali had a lot in common and both of them are know as creators of imaginary universes all around the world. So much in common that Dali and Disney created a short movie together. They are now reunited at the Disney and Dali: architects of the imagination at the Dali museum in Florida. While you are probably used to see Disney’s universe as an animated universe, it may not be the case for Dali. By enjoying the experience offered by the Dali museum, you will spend 5 minutes immersed in Dali’s paintingArcheological Reminiscence of Millet’s “Angelus”.


The camera moves around to make sure that you can see what is hiding in and behind the eerie ruins depicted in the painting, but the museum has created a 360-degree Youtube video so you can still control what you see.
And the great thing is, depending on the device you choose to view Dreams on Dali on, you will be able to interact with it at a different level: on desktop, you can control the video by clicking on arrows in top-right corner of the video, but on smartphone, you can turn around and move your head up and down to see what is going on all around you in a more intuitive way (using the Youtube app). Even better: If you own a Google Cardboard, the video become a 3D virtual reality experience and you really get the feeling of brushing against imaginary creatures and objects. And in the exhibition, a Oculus Rift will allow you enjoying Dreams of Dali in the very best way.


Using video and VR makes perfect sense to complete an exhibition about two groundbreaking artists, one of them producing feature movies, or as Dali Museum Executive Director, Hank Hine puts it: “Visitors can expect a multi-sensory environment of moving image, soundscapes, and the transformative aura of exquisite individual paintings. Disney and Dali broke new ground as artists—the Walt Disney Family Museum and The Dali will deliver a brave new world of experience.”


Of course, the experience layers different artworks to create a rich otherworldly immersion. You will come across long-legged elephants, a lobster telephone and crows flying around the ruins. With a little of low-key science-fiction music and a bit of Alice Cooper, it really seems like a dream Dali would have had and recreated in virtual reality. And actually, why not? Didn’t he love expressing his art in innovative ways?


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