What do people like in museums? Of course, they like to learn, they like to be entertained and… they like to be surprised and see or learn something they didn’t expect.
And Journeys, the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s app, allows just that by building new paths through the exhibits. Visitors can simply follow the path built by curators, choose a theme that links all the objects they will see, or follow a tour curated by a local celebrity or media outlet.

Visitors can even choose the objects they want to see and the app will create the best path that will allow them to see them all. By choosing their own themes in Journeys, visitors will be able to discover an almost custom-curated path through unknown and unexpected objects that all fit the defined theme.
Journeys that are already featured in the app include “New to Mia”, with new pieces from the museum’s collection and “Doctor Fink’s Journey”, curated by… Matt Fink, Prince’s former keyboards player. Of course, if visitors want to follow a curator’s journey through Japanese art or contemporary design, they can!

But they can also share their custom tours with artwork they have chosen and that other visitors will be able to access the same way they access curator tours. What would your tour be about?


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