Instagram is a hard job. How do you balance your account with your other social media channels? How do you post equally about all the parts of your institution? How do you keep a fresh perspective every day and maintain your audience’s interest?

In order to answer all of these questions, the Versailles Palace is trying out shared curation of its Instagram feed. Having noticed that some members of its staff were frequent Instagram users and often spoke about the Palace in their posts, the communication team decided to integrate them to the CM team and give them a chance to express their vision of the Palace.

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So far, 8 employees from different departments of the Palace have signed up to this volunteer taskforce! Posting on the official account @ChateauVersailles, they each publish with chosen Hashstags that are relevant to their area of expertise: #PalaceofVersailles, #VersaillesArts&Crafts, #Versailleseditions, #Versaillescollection, #Versaillesnotebook, #Versaillesmovies, #Versaillesshopping, #VersaillesOnAir, and #Versaillesfocus. The photographers are very free in what they choose to publish and they take pictures at their own rhythm with no obligation whatsoever.

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The operation was launched about a month ago and is working very well so far. Not only is it helping the community manager on a daily basis and reinforcing staff implication in the Palace’s life, it also improves the quality of the Palace’s feed by adding diversity and spontaneity to the posts. This effort has been noticed by the audience, and post engagement is increasing.

Internal organisation of social media will be a big issue at We Are Museums in Berlin with @Sree from the Met explaning us how he is managing his digital dpt as a start-up, Mirjam Wenzel from the Jewish Museum Berlin will explain how she created a transverse digital dpt and Carolyn Royston and Diane Drubay from Buzzeum will give you 10 examples of internal organisation to inspire you!

Share with us how you organise your social media, so we can talk about it in Berlin!




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