Sandro Debono

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Senior Curator, MUŻA – the Malta National Community Art Museum (Malta)

Sandro Debono is leading Malta’s new National Community Art Museum which is also Valletta 2018 Capital of Culture legacy project. For MUŻA Sandro developed a bespoke concept and vision, also spearheading a complete rethink of a traditional national museum of fine arts. 

Sandro is a UCL (London) doctoral graduate in heritage policy and collections development, read for two degrees in art history and passionate about new methodologies in museology and neo-humanist curatorial practice. He has published extensively on museum-related subjects including such contributions as ‘MUŻA: Participative Museum Experiences and Adult Education’ (in Darlene E. Clover et al., 2016, Sense Publishing). His latest major curated international exhibition is Malta – Land of Sea at the BOZAR Centre of Fine Arts, Brussels (2017).   

Sandro is a member of the European Museum Academy and lectures regularly at universities and cultural institutions on such topics as museum education and visual literacy studies.


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