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We  created WAM Academy in 2015  to cater to more individualized and organizational needs for museums professionals with ambtions and challenges.
We offer affordable training for all museum professionals who want to make a difference in their daily practice with our network of trusted professionals.


  • Digital Strategy Eye Opener
Digital Strategy Eye Opener

The mother of all courses

An introduction to digital leadership, audience research and social media content:

  • A 1 day course for groups ranging 10-30 people
  • A constantly updated review of the best digital practices
  • A follow up one-hour session post-workshop

For:  digital beginners + museum professionals 

  • Build your Digital Brand Strategy
Build your Digital Brand Strategy

Find your digital identity, rediscover your hidden talents and strengths  

  • A general 1 day course on digital branding for individuals and teams
  • From finding your digital persona to becoming a brand
  • Benchmarking and best practices from others in the field
  • Your roadmap to digital branding

For: professionals from institutions undergoing a rebranding process, in need of a skills upgrade, future digital leaders

  • Be a Digital Strategist
Be a Digital Strategist

Gather all the tools and start building

A general 2 day course covering the whole process of strategy building:

  • Creating a strategy brief
  • Audience research and segmentation
  • Content Strategy
  • Planning and creating your roadmap
  • Digital leadership and implementation
  • Evaluation

For: professionals from institutions undergoing a digital strategic challenge, teams who want to kickstart their digital revamping plan

  • Implement Digital Transformation
Implement Digital Transformation

Implement digital thinking within your museum

A general 2 day course covering the whole process of digital transformation:

  • Insights on organisation models in luxury, fashion, industrial markets
  • Mapping your institution’s organisational model
  • Identifying your leaders and key-players
  • Create your implementation workflow/roadmap
  • Becoming agile
  • Team building digital session
  • Internal training strategy
  • Evaluation

For: museum professionals who need perspective to better conduct their digital transformation process


  • The Digital Strategy Process Applied to Museums
The Digital Strategy Process Applied to Museums

A course for students and professionals alike to become familiar with all the processes you need to master to implement a digital-related project in your institution or working environment.

From the ideation process to the implementation, we cover all the steps, complete with best practices and practical applications.

The goals are for you to get a comprehensive view of the implications of thinking digital as well as learn all about the definite do’s and don’ts, save yourself time and be cost-effective.

A 12-hour course with teaching material.

  • Conducting an innovative cultural project
Conducting an innovative cultural project

A fundamental workshop designed for students and culture professionals willing to unlock their creativity and rethink the way they work and collaborate.

In managing cultural projects, you will increasingly have to deal with innovative technologies cross-border cooperation and a multiplicity of actors with different backgrounds.

Learn all about the resources, the essentials of design thinking and pitching your project successfully. We act as a lab and as your third eye to help you refine and perfect your ideas.

A 18-hour workshop over a week complete with teaching material.

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‘Conducting an innovating cultural project’, a 12-hour workshop for the Master students of Sciences Po, the Paris Institute of Political Studies, in preparation of the Prize for European Heritage in partnership with the European Commission.