We Are Museums campaigns for a new understanding of culture as society’s mentor.

The 18th Enlightenment century advocated reason as a source of knowledge with a call for personal freedom, separating out church and state. Leaping forward to the age of the Anthropecene, we are again looking for new sources of knowledge, inspiration and leadership.

We aspire to shape the future by empowering a global museum community of changemakers to spearhead innovation and develop social purpose projects.

We believe in museums as trusted institutions with a clearly-defined purpose, that are also transformative tools and significant civic resources.

We share a responsibility for the future of the communities we work in, as well as for the planet.

We Are Museums is a framework that supports new ideas through resources, original research and collaborative networks.

We Are Museums’ social innovation approach is to empower and enable leadership capacity for museums and their local communities via network and peer to peer learning and futures visioning. Based on community deep listening and collective intelligence, we transform museums’ needs into innovative formats to solve, together, the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s museums. We believe a diversity of local actions serving a global agenda provides the perfect conditions to foster systemic change.

We Are Museums is a calendar of experiences and events with the power to set ideas in motion and influence change.

For museums and with museums, we curate and organise international events at the thresholds of museums, innovation and social purpose projects, gathering both inspiring and very hands-on examples. Our events and innovative formats spark global conversations, strengthens friendships and inspires cultural courage.

At the core of our culture, we work on a collaborative and benevolent basis, having a no-show off policy and encouraging togetherness, openness and uprightness, towards a sustainable and workable future.

We Are We?

Our founder

Diane Drubay accelerates the transformation of museums internationally since 2007 with her vision of a future respectful of people and the planet empowered by museums.

Before We Are Museums, she created the museum digital strategy agency Buzzeum, co-founded Museomix and founded the Museum Think Tank Berlin. She is currently the conference curator of Museum Connections, mentoring museums in their transformations and share her visions through various means.

Previously, she worked at the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and at the Henner Museum in Paris. She is also a video artist and photographer, investigating psychoactive and transcendental experiences through images of nature to expand the idea of the sublime. 

Our “flying” team

We Are Museums is run by a small team of creative professionals based in different countries. Constantly adapting to the needs of museums, the team often changes shapes.

Our project-based structure allows the agility is therefore required to fit local and global requests from museums worldwide.

Our ‘flying’ team is composed of a community coordinator, a community manager, a graphic designer, a webmaster, a content producer, a copywriter, an event producer, a workshop facilitator, a partnership coordinator, etc. and fabulous volunteers helping punctually.

Our Advisory Board

Meet the museums professionals, innovators, thinkers and entrepreneurs who help us as we connect the dots in our ecosystem and imagine the future. Together, we evolve and build We Are Museums.

The community

A community of +2000 like-minded museum experts and lovers wanted to change the future of museums

We Are Museums gathers each year more than 300 participants coming from 28 countries (Europe, Oceania, Asia, North America, Africa) but as well around local meetups, trainings and online activities.

We are 70% culture professionals, 10% cultural entrepreneurs and startups, 10% artists, 10% students and researchers.

Our community is composed of key museum change makers, leaders and practionners including museum directors, head of communication or marketing, head of digital, head of audience development, head of strategy, curator, etc.