Discovering a new city is always a great excitement especially while browsing its museums.

If you want to attract creatives, really go for it

The Australian Center for Moving Image in Melbourne (Australia) offers dedicated creation spaces which are as rich and varied as its exhibition spaces to shape the happy makers of tomorrow. Thus, users can code games, make 360 VR movie, create animated movies and more, using the tech resources, conference room, green-screen, but can also browse the ACMI mediatheque or the Digital Learning Center (learn more on their website). A project worth highlighting is the national competition “Screen It” offering primary and secondary age students to build a game, shoot a short film or produce an animation for a national audience. 

Museum App: make it personal

Easy to access, easy to connect, easy to navigate, the mobile guide of the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne is also really personal. The navigation experience is in accordance with our wishes and desires, highlighting the type of works or the colour we like; the guide remains aside, ready to help if necessary,.

Human-centered, the guide will provide audio content for each major work in the collection. It can feature a comment by another visitor, an artist or a curator or music composed especially for the work, or a simple anecdote showing which helps create an intimate experience.

The mobile guide also enables visitors to download the images they like and to share them or keep them as favorites  on your phone. It is a simple but practical option when you love to get good reproduction of a painting.

Make it – Sell it

Your National Gallery of Victoria visit experience will be completed in the shop where you will discover the great line of branded products NGV! As part of its exhibition, the museum sells wallpapers designed by the artists, or hats inspired by collections. The NGV has also given carte blanche to different artists to inspire jewelers and create the contemporary art jewellery Piece of Eight Gallery in Melbourne. 


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