When talking about Parisian museums, most people first think about the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay, which host State collections. But did you know that Paris Musées boasts a network of 14 museums that are operated by the City itself?
These museums are of various size and are dedicated to topics as rich as the history of Paris, modern art and fashion or very famous figures like Victor Hugo.
They keep collections that amount to very high numbers in between them and which cover a large time span, several geographical areas and all possible media and techniques.
Earlier this month, Paris Musées, the administration in charge of these museums, launched a platform with just shy of 200.000 objects and labels, digitised and available for users to explore, save and annotate. The platform also suggests objects based on what users have already saved – a smart way to attract them to objects and museums they do not know yet.
To create bridges between the different collections, Paris Musées offers 4 thematic journeys through the collections, gathering objects from 2 to 4 museums.
Of course, digitising all the Paris Musées collections is still a work in progress and in the coming months, even more objects, journeys and information will be made available.
In the meantime, you can discover the platform and register for We Are Museums next June, where you’ll be able to ask any question you want to Philippe Rivière, Head of Web and Multimedia at Paris Musées.


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